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College planning checklist for seniors

September - October

Attend your senior conference.

Start to finalize college choices in categories of "reach" colleges, "comfortable" colleges and "safety" colleges.

Applications for any SUNY two or four year colleges are available in the Guidance Office or fill out an application online at Applications for some private colleges are available in the Guidance Office or on their websites.

Many colleges participate in the "common application" and it can be filled out online at

Start a list of application deadlines.

Early Decision - if admitted through this option the student plans on enrolling and will withdraw applications from other colleges.

Early Action - apply and receive a decision on acceptance before the regular admission deadline.

Rolling Admission - apply and receive a decision as soon as all required documentation has been filed.

Register to take or retake any SAT, ACT or SAT II exams.

Request at least two letters of recommendations from either teachers, club advisors, employers or coachesWrite essays for applications.

File out the college PROFILE form for any college that requires it at


November - January

Take or retake any SAT, ACT or SAT II

Fill out completed applications and bring them to the Guidance Office on or near December 1 with a check for $1.00 per application to cover mailing expenses. Applications can also be filed online. If you file online, make sure you notify the Guidance Office so that transcripts can be sent out.

Attend Financial Aid Information Night, which is typically held some time in early December. Contact the Guidance office to find out when it will be held.

The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) can be filed any time after January 1. The forms are available in the Guidance Office or can be filed online at Also check to see if colleges have institutional forms.

Check the Guidance Office for any scholarship applications.

File the form for the NCAA if you plan on participating in college athletics.


February - April

Send out Financial Aid forms.

Send out midyear grade reports.

Letters of acceptance or denial for admission should start arriving.

Financial Aid award letters should arrive, so keep checking your mail!

Visit colleges/universities to help with your decision making process.



Evaluate your financial aid offers and make a decision about where you will be attending by May 1.

Send in your deposit by the deadline.