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The Bulldog Barker is now online

Students in Mr. Speck's communications class created video interviews to accompany the Bulldog Barker.


Students take the Bulldog Barker digital

The Bulldog Barker has been let loose again. Only this edition isn’t available just in print.

You can also find the latest issue of the BKW student newspaper here on the BKW website and related videos shot and edited by the students at the newspaper’s YouTube channel:

The newspaper industry is changing, and BKW’s newspaper staff is keeping up with the times by going multimedia this year.

Advisor Greg Speck was inspired to branch out when he saw that nearly half of the Communications class was comprised of students who had taken his Film Lit. or documentary film classes.

That, paired with the fact the staff wanted to tackle the large story on construction at the school, led Speck to expand his lessons to cover broadcast journalism in addition to print.

“They are still developing interviewing and storytelling skills; it’s just through a different medium,” Speck said.

The students accepted the challenge and worked in teams to create five videos to accompany the newspaper’s front-page story.

“Teamwork is crucial,” senior Rachel Rice said of the process.

Speck arranged groups for video projects so that each featured at least one of his former film students to create “cooperative learning groups” among the staff.

“There was a lot of team teaching happening,” he said. “It was great to see the students pick up new skills and take pride in the quality of their work.”

“It’s helped me to work with others better,” senior Ciara Harrington added.

While the students seemed to agree that the editing process was long and not always easy -- “It was very tedious,” senior Chris White said -- the end result was worth it.

“A highlight was seeing the final product and seeing how much our hard work paid off,” senior Marian Bates said.

Many students said the deadlines associated with producing video and print pieces taught them better time management.

“It made me more organized and helped me to balance other tasks,” Rice said.

“It has helped me with completing work in other classes,” senior Nate Hayduke added.

Finding the introduction of video to the Communications class successful, Speck said he plans to continue using print and digital approaches in the next editions of the newspaper.

“I am really glad I had the opportunity to be involved in the editing process of the paper,” senior Cassandra Willsey said. “It helped me become more tech savvy.”